Whatever your business – manufacturing, services, retail, logistics, finances, you are likely producing something. It probably consists of several components/details and bulk of your employees are involved in this process. In order for everything to operate smoothly, you are using various tools.

A system for time registration and/or attendance, a system for material planning, core production system and a system for efficiency analysis. And a few dozen Excels to help actually make decisions. Many of those systems have been in use for a decade. Sounds familiar?

The question most of our customers are starting with is: Which new system could I implement to get every process connected, automated, providing reporting in real time and without requiring a major investment?

Unfortunately, there is no magic stick. There are of course some systems claiming to be able to deliver everything in one package, but then often those projects go either over budget (way over budget) or end with agreement that some functionalities will be added later.

On the bright side, you can get pretty far, if you can pick a solid core system and then integrate it with other tools. What would be different from the situation you are in right now?

As usually, the most important aspect is to actually work out your expectations to such a system and anticipate the needs of your business 4-8 years from now and then start working through potential vendors. Since we are talking about several tools, even such mundane things, like cost of server and database software maintenance and upgrades may be a factor after 5 years. You wouldn’t want to spend a huge budget now and then have to pay it again in 5 years, would you?

How about solving this puzzle of budget VS functionality together? Contact us and let’s see what we can achieve!