You have a product, you have a sales target and now is time to market it. Obviously, you want to focus on your key customer segment and approach them through best applicable marketing channels. You would also want to make sure that the B2B and B2C sales teams are properly equipped and ready to overachieve any sales target thrown at them. But you will probably need some outside help to make that happen, right?

Modern effective marketing strategies involve use of various analytical and practical tools, to enable both inbound and outbound approaches. Marketing has also become much more involved in customer retention and data acquisition.

Is a 4 week long Facebook campaign going to be enough to raise your brand recognition? Would a customer survey raise enough inspiration for them to question quality of competing vendor’s offerings? Should you create a separate WordPress page for each new product or campaign?

Our team can help you identify marketing priorities and establish sets of KPIs, relevant for achieving your goals. We will then help you select appropriate tools for reaching your audience, combining innovative approaches, such as gamification to strengthen your brand without cannibalization. We will help you pick tools for tracking information like conversion results and measuring effects of your new conversations with customers.

Would you like to get some fresh insight into new ways of attracting customers? Are you preparing a campaign and need better tools? Contact us and get inspired!