In our experience, roughly 85% of HR functionality is the same across various platforms: You can add an employee, describe their details and qualifications and produce a contract. Then, after entering some attendance data, pay their salary. We’ve worked with both local and international solutions and while interfaces certainly may look very different, core actions and opportunities are the same.

But since the HR data has to serve as basis for tracking time, payroll and, eventually, costs – those last 15% start making a huge difference. Those items are also least transparent ones and regardless of experience of potential software provider, they will not be able to provide you with an accurate investment assessment to fulfil your needs in full.

Ignoring those 15% part of implementation for your new human resource management tool or suit can cost dearly both in required unexpected project budget growth, as well as failing your deadlines.

Also, in the current job market situation retaining and developing your existing employees is probably the highest priority on human resource department’s list of tasks. There are of course separate tools available for doing appraisals like 360-degree interviews, mapping training paths etc, but most of those are not connected to any kind of payroll solution and are not a part of larger HRMS system.

So, how can we make process of getting the right tools for managing your employees better?

  • Together with your stakeholders we will analyse and map your HR processes
  • We will also look at the entire landscape of your company and map possible integration and automation opportunities
  • Then we will introduce you briefly to solutions available on market and help you arrange productive meetings with the most relevant ones
  • Once you have settled for several potential providers, we will help create and audit purchasing tender

During the implementation processes, we will work alongside your and supplier’s project managers, measuring project health and ensuring that everything is on track.

So, are you considering a new Human resource management or Payroll solution? Would you like to get an overview of current market opportunities and get a reality check for your budget? Contact us today to setup a meeting and get our assessment!