“After 15 years in sales of IT solutionsVladimir and tools, I realized that average (non-IT) manager buying an IT system is like someone buying a TV 15 years ago: You can’t make up your mind about the right model for 3 months, then you accidentally walk into a shop and half an hour later walk out of the door with a beautiful box and a lease contract. Then, in a couple of months all of a sudden, your purchase does not feel like the right decision at all. Oh, if someone objective and non-judgemental were there to help you make a rational purchasing decision before you signed that contract…” Vladimir Jelov, Founder, Managing partner.

We live in the age of tools – IT solutions, which enable most if not all processes in the daily business tasks. Since there is no one tool for everything, we use a multitude of systems to help us: production, communication, planning, finance, sales, security etc. Most of these tools can either bring growth and efficiency to our processes or drag behind like a sack of bricks – heavy, unnecessary and inevitable because of resource constraints for dropping or replacing it.

Our mission is to help customers get the right tools for their unique needs. To have a more clear understanding and vocalization of their needs.

Our various experts have over a decade of experience with using and implementing software tools for medium and large companies, as well as sales of those tools on behalf of some of world’s largest IT vendors.

When you invest time and money into acquiring a new system, a lot is left uncertain, because purchasing an IT solution is often obscured in sales presentations and vague contracts. Let us help you get a clear answer to what you need and what you are going to get!

We are currently helping our customers with:

If you are already a well-established company or are just about to start – contact us and let’s have a look at the tools you’ll need for success!